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A voter may write-in the name of a candidate on the ballot inWashington. Every citizen should receive a mail in ballot!

Voters must write in the name and register the vote by making a mark in the ballot in the appropriate space selecting the write-in option. Otherwise, the vote may not be counted. Please see the sample ballot.

In WA, both "Bernie Sanders" and "Bernard Sanders" are acceptable and will be cumulatively totaled.

A VP is not needed, as Bernie will select a VP after his win, but if you wish to write in a VP, we suggest “BernieSanders/Tulsi Gabbard,” which is consistent with the printed choices on the WA ballot.

Should Bernie win WA, he would be asked to select the Electors,12, in WA, to vote for them in Dec. at that time.

It’s not against the law in Washington, but a spokesman for Secretary of State Kim Wyman said the office doesn’t recommend it. We encourage all voters to preserve a picture of their ballots, but not publicly disseminate them.

(Wash. Rev. Code§§29A.04.097, 29A.04.086, 29A.20.111, 29A.20.121, 29A.20.131, 29A.20.141, 29A.20.151, 29A.20.161, 29A.20.181, 29A.24.311, 29A.56.320, 29A.56.360, 29A.80.020, 29A.60.021)

From the Washington Secretary of State Office #1

Does WA State's "Sore Loser" Law apply to write-in Bernard "Bernie" Sanders for President?

No, they do not. Write-in votes for Bernie Sanders will be counted

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From the Washington Secretary of State Office #2

Votes for a write-in candidate count even if that candidate has not filed a declaration of write-in candidacy. If a write-in candidate for president were to win the majority vote in Washington state, their campaign would have to present the names and addresses for 12 electors as soon as it is determined that the write-in candidate is the winner. If they cannot do this, the candidate may forfeit.

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Email on "sore loser law" from Secretary of State.

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