Oregon (OR)


A voter may write-in the name of a candidate on the ballot in Oregon.

Voters must write in the name and should also register the vote by making a mark in the ballot in the appropriate space selecting the write-in option.

We encourage all voters in Oregon to write in "Bernie Sanders/Tulsi Gabbard." Please see the Sample Ballot.

In OR, both "Bernie Sanders" and "Bernard Sanders" are acceptable and will be cumulatively totaled.

All voting in OR is done through mail-in ballots, which voters are free to photograph. We encourage all voters to photograph, but not publicly disseminate copies of their ballots.

(Or. Rev. Stat. Ann.§§ 248.006, 248.008, 248.315, 248.355, 249.705, 249.722,249.735, 249.740, 254.500, 254.548)

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Oregon law permits voters to write in names for candidates for president. Candidates nominated or elected by write-in must sign and file a form with the appropriate filing officer to accept the nomination or election.

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Emails from the Secretary of State

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Email on counting write-ins from Secretary of State.
and "sore loser law," naming electors, and unreturned acceptance form (second email) from Secretary of State.

Sample Ballot