Alabama (AL)


Voters in Alabama may write-in a presidential candidate.

Voters must write in the name and register the vote by making a mark in the ballot in the appropriate space selecting the write-in option. Here is a link from the AL SoS explaining the process.


Voter intent is taken into account. "Bernie Sanders" and "Bernard Sanders" will be counted together. Write-ins with minor spelling errors will be counted, as long as it can determined who the vote is for.

Votes for VP are not required in order for Bernie's votes to be counted. However, In Alabama, we suggest writing in "Bernard Sanders/Tulsi Gabbard" in the write in space (please see sample ballot). Name must be written, not stamped.

Alabama has a "sore loser" law (Title 17, §17-9-3), but it does not apply to write-ins--only to candidates on the ballot.

Some relevant AL statutes

Alabama Code Title 17. Elections:

(Alabama Code §§17-6-22, 17-6-27, 17-6-28, 17-6-29, 17-13-40,17-13-50, 17-14-31).

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In Alabama, there are no special requirements that write-in presidential candidates must meet in order to have their votes tallied.

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